International Democracy Day celebrated at SPN College Mukerian.

Political Science Department of SPN College, Mukerian celebrated International Democracy Day.While appreciating the efforts of Political Science Department, Principal Dr. Sameer Sharma promulgated that these types of events are the heart and soul of every educational institution,which leads to the all round development of the students.The purpose of celebrating the International Democracy Day is to encourage people and government to respect human rights and provide meaningful participation in democracy.Dr.Amrinder Kaur,HoD, Political Science Department,in her address said that International Democracy Day is celebrated to educate public on the issues of concern,to gather political will and resources to solve problems around the world.She further pointed out that democracy cannot survive without the freedom of press and freedom of expression.On this occasion ,Dr.Puspinder Kumari,Prof.P.K Singla,Dr.Gurpreet Kaur,Asst. Prof.Rekha Rani, Ms.Navjot Kaur,Mr.Surinder and students were also present.

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