Communication Skills

It gives us immense pleasure and pride to announce that our college has launched Department of Communication Skills in the session 2016-17. The induction of this department is still another feather in the cap of the institution, which has already made a number of landmark achievements during the last many years. The major credit for this goes to Sh. Rajan Makkar Ji, the President of the college, a great educationist, visionary and philanthropist. A tireless worker and a dynamic leader, Sh. Rajan Makkar ji has made an invaluable contribution to the cause of education in this backward area. Endowed with deep insight and far-sightedness, he felt the urgent need of starting this department with a view to enrich the students of this area with communicative abilities in English, so that they could compete well their counterparts living in comparatively big cities, especially in competitive exams, group discussions, interviews and so on to be well placed in good jobs.  Besides, Sh. Rajan Makkar ji, the entire management of the college supported this venture. The valuable suggestions and guidance provided by Principal Dr. Kawaljit Kaur were instrumental in making this venture successful.

The department is being run by highly competent and experienced teachers of the department of English of the college. Under the inspiration and motivation of Sh. Rajan Makkar, Dr. Gulshan Kumar, the Head of the department of English took the initiative and with the wholehearted cooperation of his fellow colleagues of the department launched the department in August 2016. However, the inaugural function was organized on 21st November 2016. During the 1st semester 56 students enrolled for the course. Dr. Gulshan Kumar has done BA (Hons.), MA, M.Phil & Ph.D in English. He has studied linguistics as one of the subjects upto M.Phil and has also taught linguistics to post graduate students. He has a long-standing experience of teaching English for 36 years. Professor Narinder Kumar is M.A., M.Phil in English and has a teaching experience of 27 years. Professor Nidhi Sood has done BA (Hons.) and also cleared her JRF after her post graduation in English. She also teaches classes upto post graduation level.

Under this programme, the students will be offered two courses- Intermediate and Advanced. The intermediate course will be of one year duration running in two semesters. In each semester, classes will be held for three months and in the entire session for six months. During the whole session, the students will be given 108 hours of quality teaching. The advanced course will consist of two years. Those who have completed their intermediate course can opt to take up advanced course which will be of total two year duration. In this course, the students will be given advanced training to make them more well-versed in English. The students will complete the course simultaneously while pursuing their degree course (graduation or post graduation) in the college. The course will be held during the working hours of the college and the students will be adjusted in such a way that they can attend classes in their vacant periods. This will save their time because they will not have to stay after the classes are over in the college. After the successful completion of the course, the students will be issued certificates signed by the Principal and the Head of the department. The course is open for students of all the faculties doing graduation or post graduation.

The course aims at providing knowledge of all the four skills of the language- reading, listening, speaking and writing. The students will be given knowledge of basics of grammar, syntax, vocabulary building so as to strengthen their fundamental knowledge of the language. Emphasis will be laid to enable them to speak fluently and write correct and chaste English. The ultimate goal is to make them so comfortable in English that they can use this language with ease and confidence. Besides, training will be given in soft skills, body language and personality development so as to improve their confidence. This will prepare them to face the interviews, take part in group discussions, write CVs, official letters, apply for jobs and use this language with poise and self belief for day-to-day requirements.   

There is a separate well furnished room set apart for this course, equipped with audio/video aids which will not only make the course interesting but also help them imbibe the knowledge of the otherwise dry areas of the language like grammar, punctuation, pronunciation, stress, intonation etc. The dreary air of these areas of the language will be broken also through interactive sessions and play way techniques of teaching. The interactive sessions in the classroom will groom the confidence of the students.

As stated earlier, during this session after the launch the department and the course, 56 students have enrolled and completed half of their course in the first semester. More and more students are evincing interest and feeling motivated to join the course. Our college is perhaps the first one to start such a course in a systematic and organized manner. We strongly hope that under the astute leadership and governance of the college management, Principal Dr. Kawaljit Kaur and the expert training of Department of English, the Department of communication will make further advancements, achieve the desired success and will prove highly beneficial for the students who come to the college with a poor background of English.