Institutional Distinctiveness

Mukerian is a small town, and Swami Premanand Mahavidyalaya, as the oldest institution in the Sub Division, has the difficult duty of meeting the educational needs of more than 60 Gram Panchayats in the area. The majority of the people who come from these remote areas are from poor or lower-middle-class families with little financial resources, and a significant percentage of them are first-generation learners. The college has been serving this sector of society since the Institute’s Vision focuses on the complete and sustained growth of the students. The college aspires to bring the economically weak, rural, and tribal youth into the mainstream and make them responsible citizens of India.

The institution’s unique scoring point is that it encourages students to develop their entire personalities in order to prepare them to handle global issues. In order to achieve this goal, our college strives to balance the five dimensions of students entering its doors: physical, intellectual, ethical, social, and cultural capabilities. This practice was established with the goal of transmitting and guaranteeing that the youth’s learning needs are addressed by providing fair access to appropriate learning and skill programs. This technique also aims to eradicate gender inequities in education by enhancing all aspects of educational quality and ensuring excellence in order to attain recognized and measured learning outcomes.

The college has selected well-qualified teaching personnel to help students progress intellectually. They leave no stone unturned in producing intellectually sharp graduates and post-graduates. Our institution’s greatest asset is its dedicated faculty. They are encouraged to further enhance their knowledge by attending Workshops, Seminars, refreshers, and Orientation courses to learn about the most recent breakthroughs in their field. Academic programs are available in all four major streams: Arts, Commerce, Science, and  Computer Science. In this regard, the administrative team also gives their full cooperation.

While academics are vital, sports-related activities play a crucial role in forming a student’s personality and character. The College prioritizes athletics and encourages its students to participate in various events with the same philosophy. Under the guidance of the sports officer, students compete in Inter-College, District, University, State, and National level sports activities throughout the year. The following steps make up the integrated plan of action for resolving socioeconomic and sociocultural backwardness:

1. The fee structure has been preserved at a very moderate level, taking into account the poor economic base of the majority of students, and total tuition charge exemption is provided for disadvantaged students through scholarships and various other financial aids.

2. The office staff informs students about the many types of merit scholarships offered by the federal and state governments, and they are assured of full cooperation on all fronts in order to take advantage of these opportunities. Excelsiors receive Merit Scholarships, Fee Concessions, Roll of Honour, and College Color in honor of their constant hard work.

3. Teachers from all Departments devote extra time and effort to help slow learners in the classroom. Individual coaching during free periods, spending time outside of class hours, offering model answers and personal books to them, individual counseling and if necessary, financial assistance are some of the tactics employed in this regard.

4. To encourage students to become more computer literate, the Institution offers a free computer training certificate course that is open to all students.

5. They have been able to achieve considerable academic growth with access to a well-stocked library with internet access, e-learning resources, journals, and magazines.

6. Remedial sessions for slow learners are another way to help students who are falling behind in their studies. The college’s unwavering efforts in the direction of realizing its objective have resulted in an increase in its academic results.

7. Donation Drives, Participation in Awareness Rallies, Blood Donation Camp, Swachchta Abhiyan, and Plantation Drives enable the students to be socially responsible.

8. An outside agency “AEON Educreation Pvt.” was engaged to carry on employability skills training program in order to enhance the soft skills, communication skills, presentation skills, corporate knowledge, and SWOT analysis skills so as to provide meaningful employment to the students.