Guidelines for Authors

Guidelines for Authors:
The research papers must include clear indications of the purpose of the research, methodology, major results, implications and key references. The papers submitted for review should include:
1. Authorization Letter: Manuscript should be sent along with authorized letter in favor of the editor so that it may be published after necessary editing.

2. Cover Page: Manuscript of a paper should have a cover page which should contain Title of Paper, Author(s)’ Qualification and Designation, Mailing Address, Phone and Fax number and E-mail Addresses. Details about the author should not appear elsewhere in the manuscript.

3. Abstract: Each paper should be preceded by an abstract of about 100-150 words.

4. Transcript: The maximum length of transcript is 2500-3000 words excluding title/cover page and references. The manuscript must be typed on standard A-4 size paper, in 12-point font size and 1.5 line-spacing throughout.

5. Footnotes: All footnotes should be indicated by serial numbers in the text and literature cited should be detailed under ‘References’ at the end of the research paper bearing corresponding numbers.

6. Tables and Figures: Tables/Figures should be numbered consecutively and inserted into the document in the preferred location.

7. References: References should indicate full detail of the name(s) of the author(s), title of the article or book, name of the journal, details of the publishers, year and month of publication and individual page numbers as shown below:
(A) Journal: Alam, Javed, “Political Implications of Economic Contradictions in Punjab”, Social Scientist, Vol. 14, No. 10, 1986, pp. 9-10.
(B) Book: Chandra, Bipan, India After Independence, Penguin Books, New Delhi, 1999, pp. 412-413.

The correspondence should be addressed to:
Dr. Pushpinder Kumari Mob.-9876309848
Prof. Pankaj Sareen.