Physical Education Department

A Legacy of Honour

Sports are more than just games; they’re about life, emotion, passion, and some of the greatest highs and lows that we can experience.  – Stripedsheep

The Physical Education Department is making consistent progress in various fields. In fact, this department is the nursery of internationally recognized sportspersons. It has produced top level players of several games like Hockey, Cricket, Fencing, Football, Handball, Basketball, Badminton, Boxing, Kabbadi, Volleyball, Tennis etc. Its players have represented India at Regional, National and International levels

Before gaining knowledge about any particular field, one has to acquire an understanding of oneself. Self-understanding and self-discipline fall under a section of Physical Education and the Department of Physical Education is dedicated to it.

The department was established in year 1973.

Courses offered:

Under-Graduation: Physical Education is an Optional Subject in B.A.