About College Library

Library has an area of 8253 sq ft. which has been spread over 2 floors, thus providing easy access to the students. Library has a Digital Section, Reading Section, Periodical Section, Reference Section, Circulation Section, Acquisition Section, Technical Section and Common Room for staff and students. Library can accommodate as many as 175 students at a time thus benefiting a large number of students at the same time. Working hour extends up to 8 hours daily on working and examination days. There is a Digital library section offered by the institution catering to the needs of the students providing easy access to e-resources. The institution has a clearly laid out floor plan ensuring easy access to the students and teachers. The text books are relating to different streams arranged in different sections on the 1st floor. Proper signage system offering prominent display signs is available.

Library has a good in house collection of 41,214. Books relating to text and reference and preparation for competitive examination. Available for user’s easy access and effective use of the information. The college has an Digital Library with Information and Library Network Centre (INFLIBNET N-LIST Membership) facility. More than 1,50,000 +, e-books and more than 16,000 + e-journals can be accessed by the students and faculty for research purpose. The Library is member of ‘Developing library Network DELNET (Database service). Users can access various databases of about 2.5 crore books, journals, thesis and dissertations, non print materials etc. available with 4697 Indian and Foreign libraries. Also users can borrow the books from other libraries under ‘INTER LIBRARY LOAN’ scheme. The internet facility is available in the library. The Institution has a collection of approximately 150 CDs and DVDs. The library has installed standard library Management software “KOHA for UBUNTU 16.04” from DELNET for effective library management and book Search by OPAC (Online Public Access Catalouge). All the circulation activities through barcoded Identity cards. With the recommendation of the subject experts latest and updated 32, 713 volumes of Text books8,501 Reference Books have been purchased by the institution till date, thereby providing latest material for the students.