College History

The college derives its name form SWAMI PREMANAND – a saint and philosopher of the modern times. He has been a great force in pioneering the religious sentiments in the second and third quarter of the past century. The essential spirit of Swamiji’s message lays emphasis upon the need for abolishing ignorance and dogmatic beliefs, which had for centuries crippled the human mind. So it was thought appropriate by the people of the area to raise an educational institution in the memory of this enlightened son of God who met with a fatal accident on 23rd April, 1965 at Mukerian.

The sudden and sad demise of this great saint, though an irreparable loss to the cause of humanity, proved to be an ultimate boon for the people of the area. It became stimulant for the opening of the temple of learning where the darkness of ignorance could be shed and the spark of knowledge could be kindled in the minds of the heirs of nation’s destiny. No better homage could be paid to a noble soul who had raised a forceful voice against old, superstitious ideas.

Swami Premanand was born in a very respectable, devotional and wealthy family of West Punjab on November 18, 1930. He passed M.A. in History from Agra University and M.A. in Urdu from Panjab University. Swamiji travelled all over the world to share his experience and to uplift and awaken humanity.

LATE SH. B.N. MAKKAR, the founder Life President of S.P.N. College, Mukerian started the project of opening this college with the active co-operation of the people of this area and finally succeeded in founding it in 1971. The founder President B.N. Makkar always identified himself with the youthful aspirations among the college managing committee, staff and the students,. He was born on 18th October, 1924 at Mukerian, Distt. Hoshiarpur. He was a person of versatile qualities. He spent the better part of his life in the service of mankind. He was a bold speaker and organizer. It made him lovable to one and all. He was a leading public man and an eminent educationist of the area. The coming generations shall remember him for years to come. During the span of these 48 years, the college has grown into a splendid temple of higher education and is now counted among the leading institutions of the state. Its achievements in academic, cultural and sports sphere have been consistently outstanding for these years. Started with Arts and Commerce faculties, the college has now science faculty also. The credit for all this goes to our beloved president Sh. B.N. Makkar, who left us all in tears on 12.04.1998.