Cleanliness Campaign organised by the students of SPN College Mukerian.

In collaboration with Municipal Council , Mukerian,volunteers of NCC and NSS wing of SPN College Mukerian, organised a cleanliness campaign and marched from Mukerian market to bus stand.As per the instructions of Govt. Of India, Cleanliness drive is being organised all across the country.Under this campaign, students of SPN College,under the leadership of Lt.Gopi Sharma (NCC, Incharge),Dr.Chander Shekhar,HoD, Physical Education department, with the collaboration of Municipal Council Mukerian, organised a cleanliness campaign and urged public not to use single use plastic.The main objective of the campaign was to make the public aware about the harmful effects of plastic on our environment and encouraged them to boycott plastic completely.The President of Municipal Council appealed the residents of Mukerian that as charity begins at home ,so we should at first start boycotting plastic individually,if we want Mukerian a plastic free city.For the entire campaign, College Management Committee and Principal Dr. Sameer Sharma appreciated and thanked Municipal Council council Mukerian for their guidance and support.

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