Cancer Awareness: Prevention , Detection and Treatment – An event

WHO marked ‘World Cancer Day’ as anevent was organized by the Department of Biology in collaboration with thedepartment of Hindi, Red Ribbon, Youth Club and the NSS Club. Principal Dr. Sameer Sharma addressed the students and the faculty regarding this event. His talk aimed at encouragement of the society regarding prevention of this deadly ailment by following healthy diet plan and routinely visiting the health care providers for early interventions which can be life saving. He also assessed the posters made by students during the poster making competition. Ms. Visheshika, Ms. Sakshi and Ms. Riti were the winners of the poster making Competition.
A play depicting the risk factors, symptoms and preventive measures was presented by the B.Sc. Medical students.The play forced the audience to ponder over the unhealthy lifestyle patterns of consuming alcohol, tocacco and smoking can be harmful for youth of the country leading to life ending situations.The students urged to quit these habits to quit cancer. A poem by Dheeraj, student of XI Medical was also recited a poem to motivate to fight against Cancer.
Dr. Gurpreet Kaur, head of the department of Biology presented her lecture focusing on biology of cellular malfunction leading to cancer, its statistics, its types, risk factors, warning signs, treatment and prevention. She elaborately discussed sarcomas, carcinomas, lymphomas and leukaemia.She stressed that there is an interplay between genetic factors and environmental factors (diet, exposure both accidental and incidental, lack of physical activity, etc.) in causing cancer. Also brief insights into treatment types available were given by her. She suggested strengthening our daily routine in terms of healthy diet and increasing physical activity levels to stay away from clutches of this deadly threat.
Professor Harpreet Kaur, head of the department of Home Science added more value to the event by discussing the nutritional aspect in prevention of Cancer.
The event was graced by presence of Dr. Pushpinder Kumari, Convener of NSS Club, Dr. Sameer, head department of Hindi, Dr. Sonia Sharma, Convener of Red Ribbon and the Youth clubs. The event was concluded by a vote of thanks by Dr. Sonia Sharma.

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