A Special lecture on” Artificial Intelligence” by the Computer Science department of SPNCollege, Mukerian.

A special lecture on” Artificial Intelligence” was organised by Computer Science Department of the SPN college, Mukerian, in which the representatives of Space Window Private Limited,Mohali interacted with the students. Head of the Computer Science Department Prof. Pankaj Sareen welcomed the guests and apprised them about the topic. College Principal Dr. Sameer Sharma presided over the event. He further opined that to make a successful career in technology, such collaboration between academia and industry is essential to prepare our students for the future advancement. Company representatives elaborated on artificial intelligence, machine learning, web designing and employment opportunities in technology. They also creditably answered the queries of the student. At last Prof. Pankaj Sareen inferred that Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is a rapidly growing field that will change the way we live, work and the way you interact with others,from self- driving cars and virtual assistants to personalized healthcare and predictive analytics, A.I. is already affecting our lives in countless ways. At the end Prof. Pankaj Sareen cordially thanked the representatives of the company and specifically thanked the college management committee and the college Principal Dr.Sameer Sharma for their guidance and support. During the event staff and students of computer science department were also present.

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