SPN College Mukerian Celebrates World Theatre Day

The Post-graduate Department of English in collaboration with English Literary Society commemorated World Theatre Day on March 28, 2022. Asst. Prof. Nidhi Sood, Head, department of English commenced the event with a warm welcome of the college principal, Dr. Sameer Sharma. Sharing her views on the history of theatre, she stated that for centuries, theatre and drama have been the most popular art form and each age had its own mode of expression and theatrics in place. While addressing the students, principal Dr. Sameer Sharma highlighted the history of the theatre and importance of theatre in the field of entertainment and in one’s life. Asst. Prof. Tarandeep Kaur talked about the indispensability of theatre in every aspect of life. She also appreciated the crucial role media and technology have played in putting forward the different nuances of theatrical production through the process of infotainment. On this occasion, a movie “Waiting for Godot” was shown to the students. The event was followed by a discussion during which some insightful questions were put forward by students. Altogether it was a scintillating event that lifted everyone’s spirit to a high level. The event ended with a formal vote of thanks proposed by Asst. Prof. Rupinderjeet Kaur. Dr. Gulshan Kumar, Ms. Minakshi and Ms. Taniya were also present at the event.

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