SPN College Celebrates International Mother Language Day

To commemorate International Mother Language Day, Post- Graduate Departments of Punjabi and English organised an event on February 21, 2022. Principal, Dr. Sameer Sharma graced the event as a chief guest of the day. In his prefatory address, he talked about the concept of mother tongue, its importance in cultural and educational lives of people. He further stated that this day is observed worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and to promote multilingualism. Dr. Kiranjit Kaur, Head, Department of Punjabi emphasised the importance and necessity of mother language in the social and intellectual life of human beings.
Dr. Gulshan Kumar talked about the significance of mother tongue, it’s need, relevance and it’s connection with culture and power. He made the students aware about the care and proper use of their mother tongue in the face of change and the globalised era. He ascertained the need to protect our mother tongue as it represents emotions with accent and clarity. Delving into history, Asst. Prof. Pardeep Singh highlighted the struggle that paved the way for the International Mother Language Day. He further proposed a vote of thanks to the college principal, the college managing committee and all participants. Asst. Prof. Ajay Kumar, Asst. Prof. Sonia Aggarwal, Asst. Prof. Minakshi and others were also present.

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