A workshop organised by the National Disaster Response Force at SPN College, Mukerian

The NSS Unit and Women Cell of SPN College Mukerian, in collaboration with the National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) organised a workshop to create awareness among the students and demonstrate various tool and techniques used for disaster management. Mr.Manoj Bhardwaj and his team was present. Nearly 200 students participated in the workshop. Through the workshop, students were trained to respond for various disasters that can occur and post preventive measures to be taken during such situations. The students and teachers were taught about the measures one must take during a disaster. Principal Dr. Sameer Sharma welcomed the NDRF team and lauded their endeavours to train the teachers and students such that they can safeguard themselves and others in cataclysmic situations like an earthquake, landslide, avalanche, extreme cold, flash floods, flood, and cloud burst. Coordinaters Dr. Sameer Mahajan and Dr. Sonia thanked the NDRF team . Dr. Jaswinder, Mr.Bikramjit, Ms.Seema, Ms. Pinky and Ms. Tania were also present.

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